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Image of Wiper Blade Trico Force Audi S8 D2 1998-2001 TF500

Wiper Blade Trico Force Audi S8 D2 1998-2001 TF500

High-speed performance beam wiper blades are designed with a patented swept-wing spoiler that cuts through wind speeds of over 220kph caused by buffeting truck winds, crosswinds and general traffic turbulence. -Vortec aerofoil provides maximum windshield contact -Top quality HighGlide treated rubber results in the smoothest wipe and durability -Robust wiper blade construction, suitable for any weather -Simple fitting with Swift Easy Connection Technology -Precision cut wiping edge, tested to perform for over 1.5 million cycles Order 2 sets for driver and passenger.

Price: $34.99 from Motoquipe

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