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Image of Eukanuba Weight Control Small Breed 7.5kg

Eukanuba Weight Control Small Breed 7.5kg

Us humans are responsible for our own diets, so it’s up to us to stop ourselves from raiding the fridge or downing one too many pieces of chocolate. But we’re also responsible for our dogs’ diet – so if your little heartbeat is battling the bulge due to inactivity or the wrong food, it might be time to switch him to Eukanuba Adult Weight Control Small Breed. (Either that, or check to see if he’s raiding the fridge at midnight.) Eukanuba Adult Weight Control formula has a reduced level of fat, while still providing the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs for his health and well-being. Product details recommended for overweight small breed dogs (less than 10kg), 1-7 years of age reduced fat high nutritional value promotes healthy teeth, strong immune system, and a thick and shiny coat fortifies digestive health and optimises nutrient absorption helps to maintain blood sugar levels after meals includes L-Carnitine to help burn fat and encourage lean muscle mass

Price: $71.29 from Jumbo Pets

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