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Image of Gooey Louie Kids Action Game

Gooey Louie Kids Action Game

Gooey Louie Kids Action Game is all about picking gooey stuff out of Louie's nose - awesome !  Gooey Louie has a serious cold and slimy green goo is coming out of his nose all the time. Kids are challenged to pick a winner every time - because if they don't Louie will literally blow his top ! Features: What's more fun than picking a nose ? Especially Gooey Louie's nose which make green slimy goo all the time which drips it out and just needs to be cleaned up asap. Players need to keep picking those winners out of Gooey Louie's nose, because if you pull the wrong one Gooey Louie's head literally blows off and his brains come out - Mum will definately want to avoid that happening ! A hilarious game that appeals to little and big kids alike, whoever is the best nose picker wins.   An awesome game that combines disgusting gooey slime and a fun element of surprise the Gooey Louie Kids Action Game will amuse kids and adults for ages !  

Price: $49.99 from Toy Universe

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