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Morning Of The Earth (Deluxe Edition)

The deluxe edition DVD runs for 73 minutes, includes a 32 page booklet with some not seen before photographs taken from the original film, in addition to a bonus classic Morning of The Earth Complete Original Soundtrack produced by G. Wayne Thomas. The classic surf film Morning of the Earth reveals a fantasy of three exotic lands: Bali, Hawaii and Australia, where surfers made their own houses, surfboards and lived in harmony with nature. Filmed over 40 years ago, Albe Falzons Morning of the Earth features spectacular surfing from Nat Young, Terry Fitzgerald, Gerry Lopez, Stephen Cooney, David Treloar and Micheal Peterson with stunning photography from Falzon and a great original rock soundtrack that tells this mood story far better than any words. The DVD release complements the full suite of audio releases that came earlier in the year including deluxe limited editions of containing extensive 120 page booklets further highlighting Falzons beautiful photography, in addition to CD, 12 and 7 vinyl.

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